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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath

My Fall Wreath! I needed a new one, it's been years! I saw this on flamingotoes.com and feel in love! I love the gradient colors, I did mine with the dark in the middle and bleeding out. You'll see that on the website she did hers starting from the top and "bleeding" down.

Supplies: Scrap fabric or quilting squares. I used different shades of yellow and then blends into different shades of red.
-Felt, cut into about 2" circles
- A grapevine wreath from any craft store
- And the website! To learn how to make the fabric Rosettes check out the Flamingotoes.com HERE
So I did three rosettes of each shade...

To make the banner. Oh my gosh, this is genius! These letters are printed on with the printer! Here is how.... cut a piece of fabric 8x10 and cut a piece of freezer paper 8x10. Iron the freezer paper, shiny side down, to the BACK of the fabric. This is so the fabric will feed through the printer! Then print! The pdf file for this is also from flamingotoes.com.
Then cut into triangles and then I rubbed the edges with black marker to "age" them a little bit.
I glued them to some twine and hung between extra rosettes.
I love it. I wish it was fall all year!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Paper Sack Wreath Tutorial

Here's a quick fall wreath I made out of lunch sacks.

I picked up this wreath form at the dollar store, and I used 16 lunch sized paper sacks.

I twisted it and then smashed it down from the top.

Then I wrapped the bottom of the sack around the wreath form and taped the meeting ends together with packaging tape.

Continue until the entire wreath is covered.

It needed some more color, so I used an orange ink pad I had laying around and rubbed it all over each sack "flower."

Then I cut out some ovals out of fabric, and scrunched them up into a flower shape and hot glued them on.

It needed al little color, so I carefully opened up some treats, but I kept accidently ripping the wrapper, so  I had to keep eating them until I got it right.

(Here I am lookin' crafty!)

I hot glued on a few leftover "flags" from my laundry room.  I kinda want to put a big yellow ribbon on around the candy part, but haven't made it to Micheals, and it might just be good enough for now.
(and I someday I will spray that green hook black.)

Welcome Fall!
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