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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rosette Cakes

I've been busy making cakes lately. I found this cute rosette cake tutorial and wanted to try  it out.  The pink rose cake I made for my 2 year old sons's b-day (yes, it's pink, and he's 2 and doesn't care what color it is:-- next year he'll get a boy cake).  

The 2nd cake was one I made for our church's "Great to be 8" night, which was a special program for all the kids turning 8 and getting baptized this year.   It uses up a bunch of frosting, but is super easy!  It only requires a 1M tip (it's a very large star shape) and you make circles with it.  You can find the cake tutorial and the crusting buttercream recipe here.

I made four 9" cakes and then  carved a smaller circle out of 2 to make the top circle smaller (I realized later I should have just used my 6" pans for that, ah vell)
Now I have to make another birthday cake for my daughter who is turning 8 in less than 2 weeks... Not sure what we are doing for it yet, but it will be chocolate!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accessories in the Boys Room

I've decided to keep working on the boys room.  It seems like it's easy to get distracted while decorating the house, and lots of things get partially done.  But I've noticed this trend and am going to finish rooms this year.

 Since my last painting post:
I added some race car pictures I put in inexpensive Wally frames,  sewed the bolster pillow out of old blue curtains and white curtains.   (I got the chevron pillows from this great Etsy shop)

 Just cut the fabric into strips, and traced a circle from an embroidery hoop for the ends and sewed it together, then stuffed with batting.  I had leftover red trim from an old project I found in my fabric stash.

Then on the west wall, I found this great framed cork board at TJ's, which fit this poster we already had of our favorite basketball player.


I re-arranged the old art in the room, and finally hung up these hooks I've had under the bed since we moved in.  I was up banging it into the wall at 9:30pm. The boys were thinking it was so great mom was in their room after bedtime, the husband- not so much:-) lol.  Sometimes I have to get projects done while I have the motivation to do it! 
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