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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Featured on Studio 5!

Today some of my 'stuff' was featured on Studio 5 here in Utah. Check it out!
If you want. there-> Happy Home

Window Dressing

What can I say, I love to cut things apart, make them better and sew them back together! Here is how I did it in my great room.

They started out like this. Can you see them in the background? Just a nice woven grayish black.  I always had this plan in mind but was waiting until I found the right fabric.

I took the curtains I already had and folded them in half and cut down the middle. BUT stopped before I cut the slot (is slot the word? well I'm sticking with it) that the curtain rod goes through.

As you can see they were just white on one side. Actually, they were lined with a solar reflective material, bonus!

I finally found this gorgeous fabric, after months of searching, at one of the best consignment stores EVER in St. George. There was just enough on the bolt to do both windows! It's great quality too and I got it for a steal!

Next, I cut it to fit the "new" panels I had just created. I made sure the pattern looked the same on all the panels so they'd match and have the store bought look.

Then I folded over and sewed. So I've now made them doubled sided.

I had these cute knobs that I drilled into the wall at the bottom.

I sewed (is that a word? geez I'm kind of dumb tonight) ribbon on the inside of both panels and they latch around the knob to keep open.

Here they are!

They are my new favorite! (shh I'm kind of over Halloween and ready to have my fireplace back so I can decorate it with the new curtains)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate Time!

I'm loving all the chocolate treats this holiday season! Here's 2 of my fave I'm doing this weekend.

This is from Country Living but I saw them make it on Studio 5 today and was like "YES I can do this!" It sounded so delicious, it's German chocolate cake mix, pumpkin and dark chocolate....I could go on but Click here to find out how.

This is also so adorable and pretty simple. AND it has Twinkies dipped in Chocolate, say what!!?
It's from the cute blog inbetweenlaundry.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poor Gal's Garland/ Halloween Mantel

 I shouldn't really say poor, maybe Cheap Girl's Garland, because I am Cheap!  I made this garland for $1.50 with paper napkins from Target.   The other supplies came from my 'stash'.

Supplies include:
marabou feathers
paper napkins

Step 1:  Alternate the pattern of double sided beverage napkins, and invite your  4 year old to help you  scotch tape  the edges on a piece of yarn I cut to fit my fireplace mantle.

Step 2:  Hang marabou feather garland on top of that.  I tied the bows separately and then used a paperclip to attach them to the garland.

I  alternated the orange and black bows to add interest.

Using different patterns like gingham and polka dots, along with the satiny orange add visual texture to your creation.

 It was easy, simple and cheap!   Hope your day is nice and spooky!
Need more ideas? Check out my Valentines Day Garland.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rescue Mission

The Story. This old Pie-safe cabinet is over 100 years old and belonged to my great grandmother who came over from England. She used it to hold her flour and sugar in her kitchen (love that). Then when my grandparents got married and bought the old house they used if for awhile but then moved it outside to the little original old house. And there is sat for over 50 years in the dirt, while rain and snow dripped through the roof onto it, until I found it and rescued it.

Here it sits outside of the old house, kind of more like a shack now. I love to go in there though and just imagine what life was like back then.

And this is the dirt hole that it sat in for 50 years

It was so dirty I first used an air compressor to blow off all the dirt (and then had to use it on myself)

I spent days and days (months and months) scraping off coat after coat of paint. It was mostly likely lead paint so I used a mask and goggles.

So 4 coats of old paint and one coat of old varnish scraped off later....

It was ready to be sanded and primed.

Primed. I used Killz because it hides the old smell and some old oil stains.

Drawers painted....


Ta-Da! Ok, so the bottom drawer that is tilted open is where my great grandma kept the flour and the drawer up top that tilts open is the where she kept the sugar.

Here it is, painted and glazed! I love the way it turned out!

I kept the old screen on the pie safe doors and these are the original knobs.

These knobs on the drawers I got from Anthropologie.

Glazing on the drawers.

This is an original old knob on the flour drawer,it's made of wood, pretty cute.

This is also the original knob on the sugar drawer.



Like I said you can't go wrong with yellow!
Thanks for letting me share a bit of my heritage.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What did I choose......

Ok, so here it is primed! Tomorrow we'll get the reveal!

A Halloween Banner

So blogger is being really weird today but I really want to post. I need to play "catch up" with all I've been doing! Thanks for your patient and for all the condolences during this time! Last 2 weeks have been crazy but I'm home and ready to be creative again! We've also all been fighting colds here so this my post about banners and I'm really unhappy with the way the pictures are turning out, but we'll blame it on the Nyquil haze I've been suffering through all day!

This is my first attempt ever at a banner, I've always thought they were so cute. I bought the paper and blank canvas at a scrapbook store. The wooden circles I bought on clearance last year and was looking for something fun to do with them!

So I painted the edges black and then stitched on the paper. By HAND! Have a movie playing or friends to chat with if attempting!

After I stitched on the paper I glued other paper on top to create more interest and design.

I also had to stich ribbon to the edge of the triangles so they'd be attached and create the "banner" look!

Do you like the curtains? Stay tune for the How-To on making those! I have one more Halloween post...well maybe two. :)

Link ups! Join us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up party!
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