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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Window Dressing

What can I say, I love to cut things apart, make them better and sew them back together! Here is how I did it in my great room.

They started out like this. Can you see them in the background? Just a nice woven grayish black.  I always had this plan in mind but was waiting until I found the right fabric.

I took the curtains I already had and folded them in half and cut down the middle. BUT stopped before I cut the slot (is slot the word? well I'm sticking with it) that the curtain rod goes through.

As you can see they were just white on one side. Actually, they were lined with a solar reflective material, bonus!

I finally found this gorgeous fabric, after months of searching, at one of the best consignment stores EVER in St. George. There was just enough on the bolt to do both windows! It's great quality too and I got it for a steal!

Next, I cut it to fit the "new" panels I had just created. I made sure the pattern looked the same on all the panels so they'd match and have the store bought look.

Then I folded over and sewed. So I've now made them doubled sided.

I had these cute knobs that I drilled into the wall at the bottom.

I sewed (is that a word? geez I'm kind of dumb tonight) ribbon on the inside of both panels and they latch around the knob to keep open.

Here they are!

They are my new favorite! (shh I'm kind of over Halloween and ready to have my fireplace back so I can decorate it with the new curtains)


  1. LOve the Fabric! One of the few good fabric stores here is in a scary neighborhood, but I need to go!

  2. Love the curtains, especially the cool way to keep them open with the ribbon and the cute knob!


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