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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I've been working on this cabinet that I found in old house...but that's a story for another day. Now I want to paint it yellow, kind of like the piece below. Isn't it adorable! But my husband isn't quite a fan. So I am willing to look into doing it another color. Like a blue or green. So I want your opinion/input!!! Vote and leave a comment!
Also, FYI- the piece is going in my entry which is painted a grayish color.

Yellow (yum!) check out her site HERE!

Blueish green (pretty)


  1. sorry jordan, i LOVE the yellow!!! it is soooo cute! the green is cute too but the yellow has my vote!!

  2. Design is about things that make you happy. Last time I checked, nay-saying husbands don't have design degrees...(not written with any bitterness from trying to get anything done around here!!:-P) I think the yellow will totally rock your entryway.

    I also think Jordan is much more supportive than someone I know who will remain nameless!!!

  3. I like the yellow..... all the ladies in my office vote for the yellow also...what does Jordan know about color? he only knows red.

  4. Thanks mom. He can't say anything now that his mother-in-law has spoken!

  5. I too, vote yellow. But then, you know me, and yellow. But really... Yellow. Plus yellow and gray are great together.


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