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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Halloween Banner

So blogger is being really weird today but I really want to post. I need to play "catch up" with all I've been doing! Thanks for your patient and for all the condolences during this time! Last 2 weeks have been crazy but I'm home and ready to be creative again! We've also all been fighting colds here so this my post about banners and I'm really unhappy with the way the pictures are turning out, but we'll blame it on the Nyquil haze I've been suffering through all day!

This is my first attempt ever at a banner, I've always thought they were so cute. I bought the paper and blank canvas at a scrapbook store. The wooden circles I bought on clearance last year and was looking for something fun to do with them!

So I painted the edges black and then stitched on the paper. By HAND! Have a movie playing or friends to chat with if attempting!

After I stitched on the paper I glued other paper on top to create more interest and design.

I also had to stich ribbon to the edge of the triangles so they'd be attached and create the "banner" look!

Do you like the curtains? Stay tune for the How-To on making those! I have one more Halloween post...well maybe two. :)

Link ups! Join us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up party!


  1. Did you make that pillow with the yellow rosettes or did you buy that?

  2. I made a banner similar to this, but it was just fabric with super heavy-duty interfacing. Machine stitch close to the edge and no need to turn or top stitch.

  3. Love it! I got some stuff to make a different banner too, maybe I should hurry up and do it before Halloween and post it:-)

  4. wow, so cute!!! love the banner! wish you were closer to help me do fun stuff like that! i love the curtains and the pillow!


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