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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Bats

A (mostly) free Halloween project you can do in a day! Something even the kids can help you do. I went on a little adventure with my son to find the branch. We didn't have to go to far, my neighbor ended up having a down tree in front of the their home!

So I say mostly free because you may have to buy some cute paper if you don't have any laying around. I used different black and white & black and tan printed paper.
I free handed the bats, I kind of used the Batman logo as a resource.

The vase I already owned, you can use anything you have too!

I tied them onto the tree using twine, you could even use fishing line if you wanted.

A Halloween mantel in the making!


  1. Very creative. Is Lincoln into Halloween this year?

  2. I love it! I'm pretty sure we're going to be cutting out paper bats in the next few days! (I'm going to cheat and trace a cookie cutter...)

  3. We did owls and bats. Lo had so much fun wiith it! Thanks for the great idea!! http://wp.me/pRvTK-eu


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