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Monday, September 27, 2010

"Along came a Spider and Sat Down Beside Her"

Another Halloween Post, yeah, get use to it, I'll probably post one a day this week so ya'll can get busy decorating for the holiday! You're way behind! I started last week! OK, maybe I'm just more of a Halloween spaz than you.

This is the entry way of my house.

I've been collecting chair pictures for awhile, some I made and some I bought. I decided to corporate them in a Halloween theme


The theme being "Along Came a Spider and Sat Down Beside Her"

I made this "Boo" sign on a cricket machine, and then framed with a thrift store find.

Also made the EEK sign.

Notice the spider pic below.....

So I had a friend do the vinyl for me.

And I used the negative of a vinyl as a stencil and traced in on some canvas and draped it over the chair. I wanted to write it on the chair but that may have been taking it a bit far!

Then added this spider "captured" in a cloche.

The End. One of my favorite places in my house!

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  1. awesome, as usual. Now my dear, what is the wall color?

  2. The wall color is one I made up...um yeah. See I was trying to find a warm grey and having a problem because I also wanted a hint of bluish green. So after buying sample after sample from BEHR and Benjamin Moore I did some mixing and made my own. Then painted it on a piece of cardboard and took it Home Depot to color match. I love it because it's grey in family room, green down the stairs and kind of blue in the kitchen!

  3. p.s. I love that we're the only ones that comment on OUR blog.

  4. Very cute idea! I love the simplicity, the color scheme...but most of all I love that you chose the phrase 'along came a spider and sat down beside her' because you took a nursery rhyme and made it all spooky/halloweeny!



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