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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poor Gal's Garland/ Halloween Mantel

 I shouldn't really say poor, maybe Cheap Girl's Garland, because I am Cheap!  I made this garland for $1.50 with paper napkins from Target.   The other supplies came from my 'stash'.

Supplies include:
marabou feathers
paper napkins

Step 1:  Alternate the pattern of double sided beverage napkins, and invite your  4 year old to help you  scotch tape  the edges on a piece of yarn I cut to fit my fireplace mantle.

Step 2:  Hang marabou feather garland on top of that.  I tied the bows separately and then used a paperclip to attach them to the garland.

I  alternated the orange and black bows to add interest.

Using different patterns like gingham and polka dots, along with the satiny orange add visual texture to your creation.

 It was easy, simple and cheap!   Hope your day is nice and spooky!
Need more ideas? Check out my Valentines Day Garland.


  1. Not cheap, creative. Cheap would be what I did to milk jugs! :)


  2. Lauren... e-mail me about this! (today?) sbryson@ksl.com


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