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Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Locker Cushions for my DIY Mudroom Lockers

  I am so excited to finally be done sewing my  locker cushions!  

I purchased  4" foam (with my 40% off coupon), which I cut into the T-Shape so it would fit snuggly in the seat and extend slightly longer than the corners (to assist with the head bumping that goes on when the kids get their shoes).  I borrowed my neighbors electric knife to cut it easily and straight (Thanks Laura:-)).

 The fabric is a Waverly print I got in the home dec section of JoAnns.  I was surprised to find a fun modern print in such a great tangerine color.   I watched a few of these Y-Tube Tutorials, and this one to make my own cording.  She's got a few how-to-sew-a-cushion videos. 

I've seen cute tubs for $15+ at the container store online, but then found these in the perfect color in the $2 section at Target! Score!!  I labeled them and the categories are:  Church, Returns,  Baseball, Soccer, Grocery Bags, and one yet to be determined:)

I sewed up the pillow (Amy Butler fabric) real quick with an envelope enclosure on the back.  I will be adding a few more pillows to the mix, but I will wait until summer to put them out when there will be less coats and winter stuff out.

See how my hubby built the lockers in this post with a link the the free plans.

This is the other wall (see how I painted it by making my own stencil), that I've made some additions to, that will be updated after it gets warm enough to spray paint my next project.
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