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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pottery Barn knock off pillow

I always loved this pillow and I knew I could easily make it myself and so I did! AND I'll show you how too!
My Version
Start with one yard of khaki drop cloth or linen or canvas. Cut into a whatever size you want, I did 14x36.
Use a fabric pen or rendering marker to write what you want.
Then make a pillowcase, if you would like to learn how go here.

Then I thought it could use something else. So I made these "nests" (or rosettes) by simply twisting a piece of the fabric that is about 1/2"x16" then wrapping it around into a twist like above. Then hot glue on to a piece of fabric....it probably sounds more complicated then it really is. The "nests" sewn on like sew! (hee hee)

The DIY Show Off

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cameras and Letters

Well, it happened. Just like I said it would. I moved the "Framed Inheritance" into my living room. I'm glad I did! I love it there and now I can see it everyday! I was looking for something to put behind these cameras and this was perfect!
For those who don't know. These are old stencils that came from my husband's late Grandpa's library..(that's a mouth full!). There were about be junked and saved them from an untimely death and then framed them!

I bought these cameras off of EBAY (in 2005) I have always love old cameras. And these movie projectors were "junk" given to me! Say What?!
I love to mix modern furniture with vintage accessories. Makes for a great eclectic look!

The Thrifty Home Refinished Furniture Party

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Friday, January 21, 2011

I sure spend a lot of time making pillows

Hi! So I'm a day late but I've been working my tail off this week, making a bunch of product for a home decor store that's going to be selling my pillows! Check out a couple pillows below!

(pay no attention the top that still is closed yet)

(These 2 are still a work in progress!)

This pillow I made for myself. I saw it at a home decor St.George and LOVED it! So I made one....it took forever but it was worth it!

I cut some numbers out of fabric and appliqued them on some linen.

I just don't know if I'll be able to let these go!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drunk on Silhouette

Seriously, I can't stop! It's addicting! So that's why I'm claiming this as a post! Ha! But really, stay turn, later this evening I will have a post up! Unless Lauren beats me to it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Industrial Chic Skelton Lamps

Do you like skeleton shades? I do! I've always had a thing for Industrial Chic.!
OK, so maybe I created the term, definition- Industrial Chic : Raw,junky design; not as frilly as Shabby Chic.

I've been wanting to add some light to this corner. I also wanted it to hang. I thought about lighting a birdcage but when I was at the thrift store and saw these lamps shades "Light bulb!"

Bought one large, one small

Cut through and rip off the old fabric from around the shade.

Then stick the small inside the large.

Next, install the lamp cord. You can buy them at Pier 1 for about $10. I had this one already from an old lamp that hasn't been hung up in a long, long long long time, but I alway kept it knowing I would do something with it! Glad I did! I love being able to shop in my basement!

The cord needed some help, so I debated between chain or fabric.

Went with the fabric! Much easier and a softer look. So I cut a piece about 5"x6'

Now, I was dumb and picked a fabric that was stiff and didn't bunch by itself like a linen or maybe even like a light cotton would. So I had to sew my own "bunching"

To make: I folded the 5" piece in half, right sides together. Then did pleats about every 4". Sewed the side closed, and flip right side out....which was probably the hardest part! I ripped 2 pleats in the process and had to sew those closed by hand. Blerg.

In the end, it worked out great and bunched beautifully on it's own!

Some junk turned into something fun!

Link Parties


The Blackberry Vine

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hall Bath Make-Over (Frugal Style)

This bath needed some love! It was such a wonderful fleshy color when we moved in...infact the whole house was that color, got spend a month of my life covering up that little number.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After
The paint is TurtleDove from Behr. It's a light blue with a little bit of a yellow-y/green undertone. It is my new fave. I want to paint everything this color!

Found these little shelves at the local thrift store for $1.

Spray painted them aqua from Krylon...

And glazed them black to add some aging and put one in my bathroom topped with this cute plaque from Home Goods.
(I've been learning to like pink, the Honeysuckle Pink that is 2011 color of the year is adorable, so I've added a little to the bathroom...babysteps!)

I love Vintage Carnival stuff and this pic was right up my ally! Love it! It's 18x36 and I got the frame, again at the thift store, for $4! That's a steal since it had glass!

I got this cute towel/coat rack at the DownEast tent sale $3, Their tents sales are the best for finding random things!
I added the "Family" "Friend" "Guest" "Acquaintance" "Intruder" lables. Now there's no confusion who hangs their towel where.

To learn how to make these cute Pillow Case Bags go Here!

I had this jar so I bought a pack of simple white soap blocks and filled it.

I had this basket so I hung it on the wall and clipped some vintages French ads to it.

For something different, I took this old frame and sprayed it the Krylon Aqua.

Then Mod Podged some different strips of paper to it.

Used it as a frame around the towel ring.

Now La Toilette is a more pleasant place to do your business!

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