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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bed Pillows (Xtra Large)

Another sewing project, I know, I'm sorry. But I can't help it! I'm also sorry that I'm lacking pictures. The card on our camera got deleted before I could get them all off.I've always loved this bedding from Dwell, but didn't couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on pillow shams since I'm always changing my style there's no point. ...BUT

I saw this Dwell table cloth, exact same pattern as the shams, on Clearance for only $15! I was so excited because it was basically a 60"x104" heavy, pre-hemmed piece of fabric! I knew I could get a lot out of it!
I also found this bolt of fabric at a fabric store, $5 for the whole bolt! So I cut 2 24" squares out of each fabric. The plaid is on the back of the bird fabric.

To complicate things ;), I added a ribbon around the edges. I put it inside the 2 pieces, with the polka dots facing the bird fabric so that way I knew when I was done sewing around the edges I would turn it right side out and the polka dots would be facing the front. Does that make since. It took me a second try to figure it out and get it right!
So to sum up, after sewing a simple stitch around the 4 edges I left a little opening and turned them right side out. Stuffed them with A LOT of batting (because I made them so big) and handstitched the openings closed. Ta DA! I love them so much!
I still have a lot "Table cloth" left over and I'm thinking of maybe making a skirt!


  1. I think sewing projects are ALWAYS ok!

  2. love it! love it! LOVE IT! especially the way to easily add the ribbon.

  3. So cute! Even better in person. You should so make a skirt!


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