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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Color is it this Week??

My 1/2 bath.   Literally  a [paint] coat of many colors.  Ha! 
Here's what I started with, the boring builder beige that's everywhere.
 I decided to paint this while my husband was out of town.  Unfortunately, he came home early... and saw my first paint color....

That's right....a lime fluorescent green.  Which would be great.... if we had decided to move to Puerto Rico instead of the East coast! 

[ My intention was to use this fun Amy Butler print as a curtain (first I made into a valence, later turned into this dress for my daughter and her Felicity doll), because the green in the fabric is exactly my wall color.  Somehow I forgot this might be better as an accent color somewhere, and not such a large surface...  ]

Needless to say, since my parents were coming to town the next week, the bathroom was immediately painted white. (Sorry no pics of that BORING white bathroom) while I took time deciding on a new color scheme.  

Then I chose a fabric for the valence from JoAnn's (on sale of course), and used it as my inspiration. Read about how I made it, the frugalista way, here.

On the wall across from the throne,  I changed out the metal flower for this square metal wall decor which is better suited to the scale of the wall  (got at Hobby Lobby ages ago).  I scored these bath towels (love!) for $7 ea. at Marshalls.   

Above the throne, I got this shelf and wall art at TJ's Home Goods. The wire basket was from World Market, the potpourri from Wally World, and I rolled up two coordinating wash cloths with a bow and threw a candle in too.  

I also got this cute butterfly votive holder at Pier 1.  

At first my husband wasn't so sure about the paint color, [He refers to it as "motivation brown", isn't he sooo funny?] but once it was all put together it earned approval. If I remember correctly  the color is Cinnabon at Home Depot.

Once again, the 
Before & After:

Much better... ahh.


  1. Love! And I love the towels I wish there was a Marshals by me!

  2. This looks really great! "Motivation Brown" Lol

    Without the accessories I wouldn't be sure about the paint color either, but with all the cute touches you put in, it's sooo cute!

  3. Lauren, Oh, I know about painting a room over and over again. I think I have actually lost square footage in a few rooms in my house from the layer of paint on the walls.

    Anyway, I've decided to keep my Fresh Berries sign for now, but I am looking for another door I can paint a similar sign on. A large piece like that will be priced around $85...


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