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Monday, August 9, 2010

Head Boards..What should I do?

So currently my husband and I are knee deep in the middle of bathroom remodel for my mother in law. I've taken a break to do this while he muds the ceiling, rough I know. It will be amazing when it's finished, a completely different bath! She deserves it!

But for the moment I want to switch gears and post a few head board ideas I've been toying with for my master bedroom. We currently don't have one and I want to make one. I need something simple that I can either leave or won't take up to much room in a truck....of course that's never stopped me before.... so what do you think?

This is a piece of wall paper that has been cut along the graphic pattern. I like it! Very clever.

This is a trellis that has been painted and hung vertical.

This is an old door, I actually have an old door so this idea is top of my list.... I might tweak it a little bit. You could also just make this with lumber from the home improvement store.

Ok, this is just an idea I like instead of doing a bed skirt. Take a fitted sheet and wrap it around your box spring for a more tailored look.
This I thought was just fun. A ladder as a side table! Great for a guest room.
Thanks for taking a moment to read..Keep checking back for more posts and for the final result of the Master Bath remodel!


  1. I love the old door idea! My parents did something similar and it turned out great!


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