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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Office Graphic Wall

This is a wall in our office/craftroom/library!
To see the whole office go HERE.

I would have done wallpaper or paint but since this is not "my" house I had to come up with a different, less permanent way.... So after searching through stores I found this heavy duty WRAPPING PAPER! $3 a roll! It also had to be wide enough so the frames wouldn't overlap the edges.

How-To: So at the top I folded over the edge of the paper and put thumb tacks through. The fold hides the thumb tacks. It worked great, ABOVE: I've pulled out the paper so you could see.
It still needed a bit more to make the paper lay completely flat so I bought BLUE paint and PAINTED the thumb tacks and stuck them along the top and sides. Crazy I know! You can't even see them! I also put a tack on each side at the bottom.

This is a frame from IKEA, I never liked it black so I painted it white. I was lucky enough to find an un-damaged one there too.

I also found these lamps in the AS-IS at Ikea, I can't even tell that something is wrong with them. They were $2.99! Taking a page out of Laurens book I added some ruffled fabric around the bottom of the lamp shade.

We just love to sit here and read and study.
If I ever want to change out the "wallpaper" for a different color I can always go to the party store ;).


  1. oops- I must not be keeping good track of the dates. This room rocks! I'm not worthy!

  2. Beautiful and the model really sets everything at its best advantage.

  3. Quite Impressive Stacey! I love this, too and the little guy model :)

  4. AMAZING! I have that same frame. I'm using it for something else...but liking your idea MUCH better! =)


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