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Friday, May 20, 2011

His and Hers Office

This is our actual working office/sewingroom/craftroom/library/studyhall so it may not be perfect, but it's at least organized (don't open the closet door) and I love organization that can last more than a day! Oh and I'm sharing it with a man so it's really the best I can do. ;)

So speaking of sharing, for our "His and Her's" Office Space I wanted to represent us both. So after some thought I knew that I loved Neoclassical design, he also loves U.S. history (same time period) and we both like modern clean furnitures so I went something a little like this....

But first.
-The desk is a life savor! I love that each of us has a place to work.

-The chairs are also from IKEA and I added the "his" and "hers" to the back.

Above on the wall is a glass board (IKEA) that I use as a whipe board and calender. It's great!

There are also boards above each of our work space were we can tack things.
I've put up there places we've been and places we want to go, and projects I'm working on.

And no work space would be complete without baskets with cute chalk board labels.
We already had these 2 shelves so we put one on each side of the table to create our own "unit"

I just fell in love with this bunting when I saw it on Whipperberry.com and knew I wanted to make it (see below). I think it incorperates a hint of Neoclassical inspiration without going overboard

(dining room, Mt. Vernon)

Some of my inspiration the color of room and the bunting came from Mt. Vernon, MD. George Washington's home. We went there last fall and I fell in love with it because each room is painted an amazing shade of blue or green.
I have a feeling Martha W. and I would have been great friends.
So again, the use Neoclassical style and US History, combining 2 things we love!

I also love the raw fabics since I love to sew.
How-to: Take one Lloonngg piece of fabric the length of the what you want and then tie other scraps of fabric to it. I stuck with cream, whites, blues and greens.

Neoclassical wouldn't be complete without a couple of Busts!
The man and woman I found at the thrift store work great in my His and Her office.
Neoclassical also has a profound use of Symmetry
(notice the picture of the dining room above also). I also have a profound LOVE of Symmetry. I was inspired by that for our little reading/studying nook below.
And the desk area above is also rockin' the symmetry.

We love to sit here and read or study. To see how I did this wall, go HERE.
(I promise those lights are at the same height but for some reason it doesn't look that way in the picture)

This is also a little Ode to Neo C. a table with a little fluted column.

Notice when I talk about this room I say "inspired", not reproduced. I wouldn't say the room is Neoclassical, but was more or less influenced

My suggestion for doing a His/Hers space is to make a list for each of you with everything that you love- to do, colors, style, jobs, hobbies or whatever until you see common thread. Shouldn't be to hards since you're married right? You should have something in common! Once you find that thing run with it! But try to do it in a more subtle or fun way.

Oh and more Neoclassical, just because I can.


  1. If this was my office, I'd never, ever leave it! What a great space!

  2. Oh Wow! That is a lovely space to work and relax! Beautiful!


  3. I love tandem workspaces and this one is great! I can never understand when I watch House Hunters and they want separate work spaces. Don't people like to hang out together? I adore those chairs with the His and Hers!

  4. LOVE the office! Especially the colors! I really like the little chalkboard name plates on your baskets. Did you purchase those somewhere or did you make them yourself?

  5. Your office looks amazing. I hope to someday have one of our own.

  6. I saw you on tatertots and jello and I got all giddy. I know her!! I know her!! Amazing as always.

  7. This is fun office! It looks so clean and organized! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the office, especially the his and her chairs!

  9. This is such a gorgeous space! Awesome job!

  10. Those chairs are such a great idea! Love the colors of your space. We are hosting a Creative Spaces link up party at Scatter Girls right now, would love to have you link up your fantastic space! http://scattergirls.blogspot.com/2011/07/creative-spaces-link-up-party.html

  11. I love the fabric-strip bunting hanging on the wall! I have just made some bunting and I love the shabby-chic look of it, but I think I might have to try to the fabric-strip style too. Looks awesome. Have just started following your blog - would love if you wanted to check mine out if you get a chance :)


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