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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dressing up the Entry Way

This is a great weekend project. Mormon Molding (I call it that because everyone in Utah is doing it) is a faux Board and Baton look.
We did it in our old home about 4 years ago, and thought doing it in this is house would look nice too.

(2007-old WJ Home)

You start by painting the wall white. The standard rule for wainscoting is 3' up for 8' or less ceilings and 4' up for 9' or more ceilings.
*Well, actually you may have to start by taking off your base boards and replacing them with bigger boards that have a flat top. Luckily this house already had base boards like that. Relief! One less step we had to do!

Then put a board across the top. This is a base board with a nice ogee edge, we thought it would make a good chair rail.

Next, cut your boards to fit in between the 2 boards. We cut 5' 1/2"x12' into 32" pieces. You can find at Home Depot.
Nail, Putty, Paint!

Ta-da! Maybe it is the poor-man's molding, but it really does look great, to the naked eye you can't tell unless you go touch the wall!

(p.s.) I found these chairs at the DI! Can't wait to recover them, I have great plans! stay tune.


  1. The molding looks fabulous. I love it. The chairs are wonderful also. Great style. Hugs, Marty

  2. wow, that looks amazing!! i've been wanting to do this for years, but never get around to it. you are so handy, wish we were closer!

  3. Looks soo classy! I need to do that in my bedroom, after I finish my unfinished box moulding in the dining room...

  4. WOW came across your blog today. LOVE your posts!!! I will follow you! Can't wait to see more!


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