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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Purple Petunias

OOOHH!!! I am so excited about my plants this year!  This week I got petunia plugs for uber-cheap! See these little trays? Each one had a petunia plant in it.  The tray was 8x16=128 petunias!!
And I got them for $7.  What?!! Last year at the big box store, I paid around $5 for one big wave petunia plant.  Well, not this year suckers!

 Since I got the plugs, they needed to be transplanted right away. Luckily I had a stash of peat pots and old containers that I had saved from previous years flower purchases.
(They already look more comfortable in their new apartments)
Container Gardening Tip:
I usually put AT LEAST 5 petunias in a 14" pot.  (plus greenery to flow over the sides, etc.) Those guidelines of inches to put in between each plan on the plant labels don't apply to containers, cram them in for the best look.

  The last frost date here isn't until the end of the month, so if I do have to bring them in at night it will be easier for me move small trays than large pots.  It took me an hour or 2 just to transplant these.  And there's still 1/2 tray to go!  I love my plants, but now I have to remember to water them... thanks for the rainy days rain!

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