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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Tale of Towels

One of my on-going projects is the kids bathroom. I've been on the hunt for a vintage style yellow floral shower curtain for the tub/shower, instead I found these great floral napkins at Steinmart.  They were on clearance and the perfect color and pattern.


Some cute monogrammed towels, for $15 for a set of 3!  I dug around a bit and was able to grab a set for each of my kids with their initial.  
And then I got busy! I cut strips, different widths for each size towel, so the fabric would be the right scale for the towels.

Then I hemmed the cut edges, and sewed them hanging off of the bottom of the towel.  I would have sewn them higher, but I wanted to leave some space between the monogram and the fabric.  (my kids aren't picky:-)

I thought this brown ribbon that I ruffled trimmed it off nicely,  however, if added there would be more brown than what I had in mind for the room.   (Veering from your original color scheme is a common mistake- so BeWaRe!:-))

So I opted not to use the ribbon, and instead am going to be looking for a different color, more of a blush or aqua to stick to my color palette.   
These yellow towels are for my daughter, I got some coordinating but not too girly stuff for my boys. --That'll be up next!


  1. These are awesome!!! Great Job.. You could always ship them to me since the "L" would work for me as well ;) Thanks for sharing -Liz

  2. I love those. I'm going to have to add steinmart to my places to shop when I head back to SLC. Were did you get that fabric? I need me some!


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