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Monday, May 9, 2011

Made for Mothers (Another great Handmade Towel Tutorial)

 I was excited to send some handmade items off for Mother's Day gifts this year.  This was a pretty basic sewing project.  I bought some white hand towels at Wally-world, then made  ruffles and sewed them on.    

Here's a VERY brief tutorial on my process, if you have questions, please leave me a comment.

dish towels
Two or three 3-3 1/2 "x36" strips of fabric (or 3"x whatever the widtch of the fabric is that comes off the bolt) for each towel
coordinating thread and white thread on the bobbin (important so you don't have thread lines on your backside, well, the towels backside I mean)
iron & ironing board

1. Cut out strips.
2.  Iron in half lengthwise, wrong side out.
3. Sew one end and then all the way down the long side, leaving other end open.
4.  Turn fabric strip right side out (reminds me of turning out a scrunchie-- remember those?)

5.  Iron strip now turned right side out flat.
6. Pinch and pin the strip on, ruffle to taste:-)
7.  For the top ruffle I sewed it down the middle, for the bottom ruffle I sewed it on the top, so the ruffle would be hanging off the towel.
TIPster:I liked doing the strips inside out first and then turning them, so that after the towels are laundered you won't have any hems showing later.  (I mean really, who is going to iron towels after they're washed?)  Also, I usually had to cut off some of the fabric strip after I ruffled it since my strip was too long,   so then I turned the edge inside itself, and then sewed it in place, that way their won't be a hem on the side either.   (Sorry about the lack of pics describing this, I had to mail them off quickly, and am late mailing off my last set.    

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I sure did:-)


  1. Oh so cute! I seriously love and wonder why I haven't tried yet!! I think I paid like $10 for a towel like that from Target! DUH! I should have just made one!

  2. Those turned out super cute!

  3. These are beautiful! Thank you for explaining how to make the ruffles.
    Thanks again

  4. these are great...I think I have a run to wally's on my horizon! I adore the fabrics you chose too!

    would love to have you swing by for a visit!


  5. I'll take a dozen of those. They would almost make drying dishes something to look forward to.


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