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Monday, January 10, 2011

Take a Seat!

I believe that a home should reflect who you are and what you love.
I want to share with you what I love!

Starting with my Entry way. I love all things vintage.

I love all things design and I loved studying historical and modern furnishings when I was in design school. I LOVE these pictures of chairs, they remind me of all I learned, each one telling a history.
This is how I decided to display them. There is no short supply of seats here!

I love to re-purpose old furniture! My mom gave me this chair, it came from her old 70's dining set. So I took this old chair that needed a second chance and gave it a make over!

I wasn't lovin' the sunburst carvings, so I filled them in with a wood putty. Sanded and primed.

I painted the chair a high gloss black. Now the little carvings are a lot more subtle and I love the country chairs juxtaposed with the modern high gloss finish.

Next I recovered the seat in a vintage pattern. This fabric, if you notice, has a little sunburst pattern in it as well.

I added some numbers to it just the other day, I felt like it still needed something. Still a little grandma-ish, but that's what I love about it.

This is another beaut that I found at D.I.
It was a gold and teal, so cute I just couldn't take a pic........ or I forgot.
Again, I sprayed it with a high gloss black.

Added a little topography for fun. (It's our wedding date!)
Now My Love has no excuse to forget now! (Not that he ever has)

Recovered the seat in another vintage fabric.

My 3 little chairs. I have something fun planed for the middle chair, I just need to buy some freezer paper and figure out my new Silhouette!

That's what I love! Thanks for stopping by!

(I also love these guys!)

Visit thecsiproject.com

Visit thecsiproject.com



  1. Gorgeous! My entry totally needs a facelift!

  2. I have a huge thing for chairs and totally flipped when I saw this. Where did you get all of your chair art work?

  3. AMAZING- I ADORE THIS WALL soooo much! ITS FABULOUS. p.s. WHAT COULD be better then decorating and eating chocolate... well a diet coke with it of couse. WINKS- jen

  4. Wow...I am swooning. I LOVE this idea..thank you so much for sharing.

  5. This is so amazing. I love, love it so much!!!

  6. Going in my inspiration folder for "someday when we have a house". :D


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