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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cameras and Letters

Well, it happened. Just like I said it would. I moved the "Framed Inheritance" into my living room. I'm glad I did! I love it there and now I can see it everyday! I was looking for something to put behind these cameras and this was perfect!
For those who don't know. These are old stencils that came from my husband's late Grandpa's library..(that's a mouth full!). There were about be junked and saved them from an untimely death and then framed them!

I bought these cameras off of EBAY (in 2005) I have always love old cameras. And these movie projectors were "junk" given to me! Say What?!
I love to mix modern furniture with vintage accessories. Makes for a great eclectic look!

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  1. don't you love saving things from near death? (even though they are inanimate objects :)) and I love the history - awesome save and beautiful display!!
    have a great day!

  2. I love old cameras! And the type sets just seem to go with them.. makes you think of old newspapers and how it all started!


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