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Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY Kitchen Window Treatment

Kitchen Window Before:
Here's the latest offender: the kitchen window. It actually has a decent roman shade window treatment, with a fancy pull string- but it's just so bland and boring! I love the smaller top window, but there are times when I'm making dinner that the sun just glares me right in the face and that problem needed addressing.  So, after 2 quick trips to JoAnn's for fabric and trim (armed with my 40% off coupons,  one for each), I sewed up this curtain.  This was so easy,  I simply hemmed the edges, and then folded it over to make a pocket for the rod to go through (I didn't line it, since I left the roman shade underneath for privacy, plus, when is anyone ever going to check that kind of thing, save yourself the trouble!).   Since it was just a straight square of fabric, I bunched it up and tied it with the ribbons until I got it at the height I wanted.
Kitchen Window Now:
 I chose the fabric to work with the  paint color that was here when we moved in. But, we may be staying here longer than expected, and I think I'd like to go with something a little more fun, while this is more traditional.   But hey, it works for now, and looks better than a blank window with no style, and blocks out that afternoon sun.

 P.S. Please ignore the rod, I just found something to throw it up there to see how I liked it, and haven't gotten around to changing it yet.

1 comment:

  1. If I lived closer I could give you one of my rods I have laying around. I have no idea why I have so many but I do!!
    They turned out cute!


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