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Friday, August 20, 2010

Elephant Eyesore

Its fun to find a pal you have a lot in common with.  Stacey and I were both were ice cream girls, but coincidently got hooked on milkshakes at the same time.  We also love Cheerios.  Same goes for interior design tips.  So, here's another EASY example to freshen up your home on a budget.  For my son's 4th birthday, grandma and grandpa got him a big boy bed.  As I have yet to get him a headboard,  I hated looking at that box spring below the mattress on that cheap metal frame. I had seen this idea on Martha Stewart a while ago. Enter the coordinating fitted sheet, and say goodbye to the elephant eyesore in the room.


My boy's room is a pretty simple Red/White/Blue color scheme, and I got the reversible duvet cover (minus the down comforter for the summer) with pillowcase at Ikea, the twin sized star fitted sheet at Target. 
It's not a huge transformation, but I love things looking a little more put together. 

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