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Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Do It!

Closets are an interesting place.  A place we all use everyday. Our closets make our lives easier, or more difficult.  I stayed up late over Labor Day weekend and was totally inspired by this article, to burn everything in  gut my closet.  Now, we've only lived here for 2 years, but a lot of old stuff moved here with us.  I have organized it once or twice, but this time, I was going to be ruthless.  ("but that shirt was cute!" or "I'll keep it even though it doesn't fit quite right"). No, there will be no more crap jammed into my closet that hasn't been worn in the last 18 months.  I wasn't going to make excuses for things I didn't LOVE.  For example "it still has new tags, I could sell this on ebay."  Well, I had the last 18 months TO sell it on ebay, and I didn't. Adios la ropas!
Note: to those fellow frugalistas, don't worry, there was only about 3 items that fit that description. Hopefully it will make someone's day at the goodwill when they see it.
These thoughts were poignant from The Lucky Shopping Manual:
"If a piece doesn’t work, look at it this way: You paid for it once in cash, and now you’re paying for it in valuable closet space. If it’s not right for you, bite the bullet and let it go."
“Don’t save a pair of jeans for that anticipated five-pound weight loss. Owning them is bad for your psyche. If the time comes when you drop a size, chances are you won’t hesitate to run out and buy a new pair”
I was watching Rachel Ray with her guest Erin Rooney Doland, author of Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  One of her ingenious organizing tips was to buy all the same color socks.  That way you are not wasting time matching pairs.  While I still have to match different age kids' socks, I thought that would be fantastic for husbands socks! Why do they need all those different designs on their tan/brown/blue/black/gray socks that no one sees anyway!  I could easily shorten my laundry chores by getting all the same black and brown socks.
Warning--those Martha's out there--Turn Away!
One of my friends informed me she doesn't even fold her husbands clothes, she just stuffs them in the drawer! I was shocked at first, but I admit after hearing that I seem to have justified occasionally following in her footsteps.  (I mean really, sometimes you are out of time, and want to be finished with the bazillion loads of laundry each week!) 
[I may or may not have heard a complaint about that. *wink* let's not sweat the small stuff, mm-kay?]
One tip I'm sure you've all heard before, (that's me patting myself on the back), is color code my hanging clothes.  It only takes about 1 minute to put clean clothes  away in their colored area, and it makes finding what I want to wear each morning sooo much simpler.  Not only that, I like it when things look pretty... that's how I get my kicks:-)
In my 13 gallon bag that will be donated, I  packed clothes that weren't comfortable, old,   clothes  that didn't make the modesty cut (or didn't look very flattering when layering them to look modest), sandals rarely worn (I have 3 favorites which I wear constantly) and uncomfortable socks (maybe someone else will think they aren't?).  I did have a few t-shirts with sentimental value that we bought on different vacations, like my little hawaiian t-shirt when I went there with my mom, and my t-shirt I got on my honeymoon in cancun, but remember, I was in the ZONE.  (And I might have shrunk them in the wash....) I don't regret it at all.  (I did keep my cute cancun woven blouse, I'm not heartless:-)
I disposed of a broken hanging plastic shelf organizer.   All but 3 shelfs were ripped, so all the clothes I stuffed in would pile up at the bottom.  Unacceptable!   Other items that ended up in the trash were  annoying hangers, hole-y socks, and some stained shirts.   I also took the time to bring out my winter sweaters, hang up jeans, and pack away a few stray maternity items.  
It's not only my closet that got organized, but a little part of life.  Somewhere on my to-do list is decorating it, but let's just start with the small stuff.
photo credits: 1&4 InStyle-Sheryl Crows, Mariah Careys, 2 & 3 Better Homes and Gardens


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  2. Been going through all the blogs lookin at pantry and closet tips thanks. Informative.


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