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Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Old Door, on a Wall, In a Hall

Sigh! What a month! I love September but it has been so crazy, and now I have my sons birthday party in 2 days and I'm leaving for Virgina in the 2 days after that! So I'm sorry my posts have been late! I think this one was worth the wait (hopefully)!Down my hall I hung this old door and dressed in up in few different ways...
So the story of this door is that I was at my sisters house enjoying my nephews birthday party when I noticed this door outside her neighbors house. In the backyard, just sitting all alone. I immediately had visions of creativeness dancing in my head! My awesome dad worked his charm and the neighbor was more than willing to give it away!
So I did a lot of sanding, and little painting.......

Later on I found some cabinets that I thought would look cute above the door.
I bought these paper dollies.....

And Mod Podge them on there.

So here it Is! I took pictures of how I hung this huge, super heavy door, but once again they were deleted off my camera. So to explain, we used these metal brackets called Z-bars. You screw one to the wall and one to the thing you want to hang, then they interlock. It's the easiest, and the least damage you could make to the wall for hanging heavy things.

So I thought these panels could use something cute and maybe something different, So I mod podged some paper and painted the edges.
Then, I hung some family pictures in the places on the door that were missing panels.
Lastly, I hung the cabinet doors above the door....I think I'm also going to hang pictures from the cabinet doors.
It's still a little bit of a work in progress but there you go! It's fun. I like it.


  1. I love it!!! You are very creative! I feel inspired today to finish all of my projects. Thanks for the motivation. I love the blog by the way.

  2. Ok, I love that door and how you hung the art work within it! Gorgeous! Love your blog as well!

  3. I have been looking for a door to hang in my bedroom for the TV - I want one that looks exactly like yours! Thanks for the inspiration and love the colors you chose!

  4. Amazing! First, amazed that it's a door! And 2nd, that scrapbook paper looks so great! But maybe I shouldn't go poking around my neighbor's yard, lol!

    Please join us this weekend at Passion for Paint and link up your project! Links open Friday night @ 6 pm PST.



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