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Friday, December 3, 2010

Chocolate Time!

It's come to my attention that there are some people in the world who have not had chocolate covered cinnamon bears! To those people I ask "Are you crazy?!" You haven't lived until you've eaten chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Even if your not a cinnamon bear person, I wasn't until I had these, you should still try! Homemade are best but you can also order them from Sweets.com or most other candy and nut companies.
So I made some "CC Bears" today with my left over chocolate from Chocolate Night. Oh what's Chocolate night you ask? Only the best night ever! For our Relief Society Christmas dinner we had a chocolate buffet dessert table with all sorts of homemade chocolate desserts that the ladies brought and it wouldn't be complete without a chocolate fountain! Yes, we know how to celebrate!

Cinnamon bears by the pound or buy a 3lb. bag at Walmart for like $5.

REAL CHOCOLATE is a must! I melt mine in my electric fondue pot for easy melting and keeps it melted. Dip the bears in the chocolate bath

Then lay them out to dry! I put mine in the cold garage to speed up the process.

Oh the world would be a cold place without hot cinnamon bears in chocolate!

And my house would be a cold place without my Hot Chocolate Station...mmmm

Cups, Cocoa, and Marshmellows (oh looks like it times to refill the marshmellows)

Peppermint stir sticks


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