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Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Frame Stand Tutorial (I'm still trying to think of a cute name for these....)

Hi! It's time to tell you how I made these great picture holders.
To see the story behind the mantle and each picture go HERE

For awhile I wasn't going to give a tutorial on how I made them because I thought I might try selling them on ETSY, but I have my hands full making and selling other stuff. So to the 91 (hopefully soon to be 100) followers, (A.K.A my favorite-est people in the world!) here it is! The first tutorial is on making these 3 stands.
The picture above has 3 arrows, the arrow at the top is pointing to a long skinny table leg. I used that one for these stands.
So I bought these table legs at Home Depot. They have all different sizes and they are pretty inexpensive. The plaques I got at Joanns and they have all sorts of sizes starting at .59 cents.

All the legs come with screws already in them. So drill a hole in the plaque where you want the screw and then screw in.
I screwed mine together and then spray painted white. I had to take it apart for a picture so obviously that's why it looks like that.

Ok, so you have your stand now. I wanted to hang my pictures from the tall stands so I took those little circle hooks with screws on the end that come in picture hanging kits. You can buy picture hanging kits anywhere. I got mine at the Dollar Store.
Then I took some linen or drop cloth and cut/ripped a piece about 1" wide. Strung it through the hook, then hot glued it onto my picture frame, then tied together in the back.
Ta-Da! The picture frames I got the thrift store. I also spray painted them white and then glazed them with black.
Ok I'll post the other one tomorrow!

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  1. These are awesome! I'm putting this into my "things to try" file. :)

  2. Geez you are so freaking clever!! I love them.

  3. WOW - here I thought from looking at them in all their beauty that they had to be really hard to make - who would have known (except you of course) that a few pieces of wood and some spray paint would make such an awesome picture stand!!!

  4. Love this! Now I have a new idea for the studio! Thanks for sharing.

  5. WOWIE ZOWIE these are awesome!!!! I am blog stalking you (LOL) and I was looking at your door on the wall thingy....I didn't like it until you hung the other frames on the top of it and wow that makes a huge difference.....now that's cool architecture! Hope you don't mind I am obsessed with looking thru every post...Love you guys!


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