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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A "LOVEly" Mantel

I'm not really a decorator for each holiday, but this just kind of fell into place. I already had the pictures and I made these picture stands for them which I will give the tutorial for next Monday.
Update: see tutorial HERE

I'm calling this "Love through the Generations"

So this "LOVE" is wood blocks painted black and then the letters are wood that were also painted black and then glued on. No, I can not claim that I made this, I won it at BUNCO but I think it would be easy to make!
This is my grandparents on my mom' s side. When my grandpa came home from WWII. I love this pictures sooo much I really wish I had access to some sort of original but it's just a copy of a print.
This pictures is of my great grandparents on their honeymoon. My great grandfather was a sheep hearder and being a farmer means you don't get time off. So after they married my great grandmother she joined him in the mountains at a little cottaged where they spent their honeymoon. I also love this pic. You can't see in this pic. but she is holding a little bouquet of flowers and wearing overalls!

The picture behind that one is more of my ancestors and their spouses. I don't know who made it in my family but my mom gave it to me a long time ago.
This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day. My dad wore a baby blue plaid suit!
And this is me and my husband on our wedding day!!


Note to my husbands family. I would love some pictures like this from his side!

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  1. Love it Stacey! Love all your photos!

  2. That is such a good idea!! I am making a Love Tree, similar to what you made at Halloween, I was going to print pictures of the kids, but I think I will do pictures of my grandparents. LOVE IT!!! Cant wait for the picture holder tutorial!

  3. HI Stacey...this is wonderful...I have a thing for old pictures and it's fun to have a place to display them in a beautiful way. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) Take care, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  4. This is fabulous and love all the "love" pictures through the generations! I'll have to stop back in for the tutorial.

  5. Beautiful! I love these photo stands.

  6. I LOVE how you put all of the pictures on little stands. Super cute!


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