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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden Tour (Continued)

Welcome to my garden!
I love how my pots turned out this year compared to last year.  I love the combination of the purple petunias against the red bricks.

Today I wanted to share the north side of my house.   I finally got it mulched, and am so happy that my hydrangea I put in last year is blooming like crazy. (I had to dig through all kinds of rocks to get it in!)

  Bought it pink,  but I must have the acidic or basic soil for the blue color (anyone know?)  but I love them blue too.

 The astilbes make me happy; adding much needed color in this shady area.  I am planning on moving them over a bit and adding a 1 or 2 more hydrangeas at the end of the summer when they go on sale at my favorite nursery.  (There are a couple of ferns here that are only half alive, thinking about transplanting them to pots...)

Like little pink trees crowning the bushel of foliage below.

I'm wondering if you'd please share your favorite plant?   Plants are our friends!! With just a little care they will cheer you all the day long.:-)

I've been working like a DOG on my laundry room, and I'm  this close to being ready for the big reveal-- stay tuned!

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  1. very cool. fresh and delightful. found your blog through a friend. oh, new follower...i'll be back.

    thank you for posting.


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