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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Friends!

There's something about flowers on the front porch that make me feel cozy before I even walk in the door.  I want to share my front porch pots.  I went with a red/white color scheme, but the sweet potato vine have overgrown my white mounding petunias that are in there somewhere.  Next year I think I will be doing pink and white, and a smaller leafed vine. Here's one just planted around Memorial Day,

 Here they are today (after watering...)

Totally worth waiting a few weeks for the growth than buying the pricey pre-potted arrangements. Not counting the smothered white petunias, I put in one spike, 1 sweet potato vine and 2 wave petunias. Next year when my baby is older I'm going to start my petunias from seed again, and save some dough!   My plan is to use pink and white next year, I think those colors will stand out better against the brick house.

I got these 16" fiberglass urns from Home Depot for ONLY $40 ea!  Similar ones were $80 at Wally-World.  That's why I shop around.   You do have to drill a small drainage hole in them yourself, but that takes about 5 minutes.   The flowers were a little pricey, since I got them at a Pettiti's, so each arrangement cost me $20 (less had I left out the white petunias).  Can't say enough about starting your seed indoors, could've cost me more like $10 ea if I had home grown the petunias.  There's always next year....

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