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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before and After Teen Girls room

One day my neighbor came to me and wanted to hire me to help her re-do her 15 year old daughters room while she was gone to EFY camp for a week.
It was a surprise for her, a kind of a "While you were out" We had 4 days to do it..... here it is!

Before: Kind of "little girlish" (she told her mom)
Before (putting up the green tape for the stripes)
The daughter's (K) favorite colors are purple and green, the mom wanted to incorporate those on the walls so I picked a silver grey for the bottom half, then an 8" band of green around the middle and purple for the top.
A new bed and bedding! (Any Twilight fans will notice the bedding is the same as Bella's from the movies) I saw it online at Target.com by Dwell Studios and thought it would be perfect! Then went to the movie a few days later and noticed it in Bella's room. Of course my sister in law said "only you would notice bedding in a movie". Little does she know that half the reason I watch any TV is to see what's in the homes!
Traded out the yellow dresser for a white one and painted a white shelf and hung above so the teen could display all her "teen" stuff! Her mom also made all those cute nic nacs during the week to go on top!
I wanted to do something fun in the little bay window so I went to D.I. and found these picture frames (.50 to $2) took out the glass and sprayed them white.
Hung then on the wall like so....
Then tied a ribbon at the top and let it hang through, for a bulletin board effect and it's easy to change out or add a new picture (similar to the other frame project posted earlier on). Mom also made the curtains by gluing little flowers to sheer drapes.
When you first walk in the room there is a little wall so I hung this cute "K" that her mom made inside an empty frame! I wanted it to be the first thing she saw for her little surprise!

Next, Words that best describe this cute Teenager! Silver and black vinyl lettering under the shelf, inside the green stripe as a bold statement.
A close up of the flowers done by the mom!
This is "K"'s FAVORITE quote. So her mom bought a frame and we painted it green and had the quote made of Vinyl and put it on the back of the glass. Then hung it on the same green stripe to add some dimension.
There is limited wall space in the room, but by moving the bed in front of a window it opened the room a bit more and the sheer curtain over the window softens the light.

SO fun!! Unfortunately I couldn't be there for the big revel! Bummer! But I heard she loved it and was so excited. Maybe now Edward will climb through her window!

Vinyl lettering was all made by Crystal White.
Paint colors are Marta Stewart from Home Depot.


  1. I really like it! And...you...used...purple! :)

    I'm about to redecorate a friend's apartment and use purple as well. (Really dark, eggplant purple. I'm excited!)


    Marcus (Design Style Daily)

  2. I wish Edward would climb through my window!

    Nicely done, I love the grey to balance out the other 2 colors.

  3. That's is adorable. I just can't wait until I have my own place and you can help me decorate it. I love all the DIY stuff.

  4. You two are amazing with all your different posts. I have ideas but nothing compared to the two of you. Now I want power tools and paint brushes for christmas!

    The room is awesome, btw. She's one lucky teen!

  5. It's great to see the final results after hearing you talk about it. It turned out beautifully.

  6. I wish I had a room this cool and pretty when I was a teen. Great Job.


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