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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A do it yourself Frame

I've played around with this frames for a few months and I think I finally like where they landed!

I started with these frames that were falling apart so I took out the inside.
Spray painted the edges
Decoupaged some of my favorite paper.
Then I tied a ribbon into a bow and let one side of tail hang way down....
I then took a second frame from a craft store and hung it in middle, like so.
I used a pin and pinned a cute little picture to the ribbon. I happen to have a secret love for vintage hot air balloons.
I actually have the bigger frame hanging on the wall now too. But it's leaning on the matle here.
I had a smaller frame like the big one and I also modepodged strips of paper to a thin matte board and stuck the matte to the frame, that way I can change it out if I want!! Then I did the same ribbon and picture technique.

By Stacey

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