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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas House Tour: Guest Room

Today's Christmas Room is my modern eclectic guest/craft room.

I spray painted some branches with white paint (but only to make them light gray,) and hung my pink and blue ornaments on, and placed spools of thread on the big thorns. This is my craft room after all:-)

Then I hung Christmas ornaments with ribbon from the window moldings (yes, someday those blinds will be made into Roman shades like my dining room), and topped it with a feather boa I got at House of Bachelorette-- (best prices on boas-- not paid to say this:-)

Luckily, I have this marabou feather wreath up year round anyway, so that looked festive enough all by itself.  And that lovely one of a kind painting- by Yours Truly at my first Paint Jam session while I was in Hong Kong this summer.  The secretary I got for free and it was in a bad 80s kind of way, and I painted it black a few years ago and added new hardware, I still love it. Great for fabric/craft storage.

And since I haven't found the perfect neo-classical mirror for over the bed yet, I decided to make some paper fan flowers, then cut out some ornament shapes for the center from sticky glittery foam paper, and then cut out the snowflake shapes and stuck them to the wall.

In October the ladies in my Relief Society (church women's organization)  asked me if I would be one of the hostesses for our  Christmas Activity, the Kringle Mingle.  I was so excited to have a Home Tour and really decorate my house up for Christmas.  I'll be adding more rooms each day so you can continue on the tour!

You can also see the post on my daughters' Christmas room here.

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  1. aah!!! i LOVE it!!! such a happy room - the colors are beautiful and fun!

  2. How fun! I love the colors!
    Merry Christmas!


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