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Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Make a Fresh Boxwood Wreath

So easy to make a boxwood wreath!  I hung mine on my kitchen window over my sink, so I can enjoy it while I'm doing such a mundane task.  I didn't preserve my branches (that step takes a few weeks of soaking them in a solution so they won't lose their color) but mine has been up for over a month and still looks beautiful and green!

This project took about an hour, from cutting my branches outside in my yard, to tying them around my wire wreath form.  Couldn't be easier. Then I hung it on my inside window with a clear command hook.

I was actually super sick when I made this,  I had that nasty flu, but was desperate to get ready for a Christmas Party coming up at my house.  So I decided to push it for an hour, and then couldn't fool myself any longer and spent the rest of the weekend on the sofa!  Thank goodness for Tamiflu--- finally!
The finished product.

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