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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer and Year Round Moss Initial Wreath

While on vacation in Colorado this summer, I was hired by my sister and hubby to design their nursery for their upcoming arrival, but I also felt like I needed to spruce up their entryway.  So of course I made a wreath!

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby:

2 Packs of sheet moss ($7 each)
green floral wire ($3)
hay wreath form ($5)
Burlap with nailhead trim Letter T (in the wall decor section) ($10, half off $20 sale that week)
Burlap Ribbon ($??)
4 Gingham Drawer Pulls  ($3 each = $12)
Large Door hook (to hang wreath with) ($5?)  (I couldn't remember what color their door was, I think I'll swap out the black hook for a clear one when I find one.)

I started by cutting the moss in a shape to cover the wreath, then I just used the pieces of floral wire to wrap around the wreath.



 Then I made the bow, just like a hair bow, fold your ribbon like a fan and pinch the middle, then tie the middle with floral wire to hold it tight.  (Crazy summer hair! wtheck?:-)

The bow needed something in the middle, and that's where I ran to the car and grabbed the drawer pulls I was going to return from another project, and tied floral wire around the drawer pull base, and the wire was long enough to tie around the bow also.  (Sorry should have taken a side view of this part.)

Then I attached the pulls on the greenery the same way, and Voila!  To attach the "T" I hot glued the T where it would touch the wreath, luckily it was a snug fit and it slid in, hopefully the glue will hope secure it...

If you look closely, the green floral wire does show on the front, but it's exactly the same color so it blends in really well.

I tried to make it as neutral as possible, so it could be a year round wreath, it would even look great at Christmas time don't you think?  
Happy Decorating!  

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  1. beautiful. I hope you post photos of your House Christmas decor for 2014, I didn't get to see the house for the RS party...can't wait to see what you did. Heard it was fabulous.


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