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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Front Porch Pumpkins

The start of my front porch! I have always loved the "topiary pumpkins" I saw them in a magazine many many years ago! I was so excited to FINALLY be able to do them!
They are just so cute and festive!

(and they go with my Ombre Fall Wreath)
I added a little ric rac to the pumpkins for Halloween. Ric Rac is the black zig zag ribbon on the bottom pumpkin. I love ric rac...I have images chevron pattern dancing in my head.

I put a dab a glue at the top and a dab at the bottom so I can hopefully pull it off for next time.

The yellow pumpkin is sooo cool! I found it in the big gourd bin at Walmart.
I also added some small green ric rac to the small white pumpkins!

I did the same method with this lace that I put on these pumpkins that are on my Witchy Matle.


  1. The rickrack is a nice touch. You take such lovely photographs, these topiary pumpkins look wonderful.

  2. i like that you used real pumpkins for your topiaries! and that ombre wreath is amazing!! your link was before mine over @ TT&J :) thanks for the inspiration!

  3. oh that is good way to give it a touch!! ;)

    stopping by from TT & J party.. your project was before mine (Cupcakes and Cocktails Tutorial)! ;)

  4. I love the ric rac, so cute! I never tire of pumpkin topiaries. Your pumpkins look great on the porch with your wreath.

  5. Loving your dressed up pumpkins. The topiary looks great. What a way to greet visitors. I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from www.messforless.net


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