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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Witchy Fireplace

Need any spells brewed? My Halloween Mantle. I love how every year there's a new color that's introduced to the original Orange and Black. Years ago it was purple, then lime green, then last year, white and now Aqua. And can I say I'm LOVING the Aqua this year!
No Halloween house is complete unless it has a black tule tutu.
2 supplies: 2yards of Tule and a stitching hoop, Medium size was mine.
3 steps: cut tule into random 2"x6-2"x8" strips
tie to hoop
push close together
*hang by ribbon if desired!
Metal witch hat and my pumpkin on a candle stick. I glitzed up with some lace. I will show you more glitzed up pumpkins in a future post.
Yeah, my spells are cheap but you'll pay for it in the end!! hahahehahea (evil witch cackle)
Witching spell books.
I think I need to find a cauldron to make the transformation complete!


  1. i LOVE your mantel!!! so cute! i should have had you help me with mine while you were here!!

  2. I love the aqua. Your mantle is cute and elegant at the same time.

  3. Looks great with those fabulous mirrors. Where did you find those?

  4. Love the mantle with the aqua! I'm visiting from TT&J--

    Rhonda @ home.made.


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