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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Altering Curtains, To Fit My Needs! (and wants)

In the mist of my mommy duties with play-doh on my hands (and in my nails! does anyone else hate that!?) I thought I'd try to get a post in. Don't spend the money on new curtians if you already have cute ones but they're to short.
The naked window in need of some dressing up!
So I hung on these curtains that I already had and love in my sons room but they were to short for the 9ft. ceiling and I wanted floor to ceiling curtains (rule of thumb, they always look the best) What to do, what to do?
So I bought this adorable fabric at Joanns. I didn't want to splurge on expensive fabric for this project, and using a 50% off coupon it was $5 a yard and I only needed a little more than a yard. Now this is where I kick myself because see this is one of those projects where I started it and then came back to it (I know none of you do that). So pictures I thought I had taken I hadn't! But basically I just hemmed the fabric to the bottom of the existing curtain.

Step 2- Next I wanted to hide the line where the polka dots meet the circles so I took a color from the fabric, being the yellow, and created a "band" about 3inch wide and sewed it to the curtian.

I wanted the band to be different instead of being just a plain piece of fabric. So I actually sewed 6 inch strips together with the seam side out for a little dimension.

Ta-Da! Sew easy! Anyone can do it. Like I said these were in my sons room, but you could make any curtain your own by doing this to a solid color curtain panel ( like one at Target) and then adding some fabric to the bottom.

His room is still a work in progress but I'm almost done!
Go HERE to see some art I've already done.


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