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Monday, March 28, 2011

Experiment. Using different Mediums on Suitcases.

Hello there! This has been the project I've been up to lately that has made me neglect you. I'm not even finished with it yet, but I wanted to show you what I've done so far.
A fun and different way to store things, other than baskets. Not that baskets are bad, I have my fair share here too!

I did a little thrifting at the D.I and found these beauties. About $2 each (much cheaper than a basket might I add)
I decided to try different Mediums on each one because 1- They are different materials and 2- I thought it would be interesting to try.

For the black one I use Vinyl. Mostly because of the pattern. I knew I wouldn't be able paint this easily. Also, this suitcase's outer shell is some sort of a plastic-y fabric (technical I know) and I knew that painting it would be a mess.

I love how it's turning out. It's just a simple frame from the Silhouette website that I cut with my Silhouette. Yay Silhouette!

For the big teal suitcas I did the cheveron pattern in white paint. I could have done it in vinyl BUT it's plastic and the surface is really bumpy so I knew paint would look better. It does, but I should have use the FROG tape that doesn't bleed. Some of mine bled and being the perfectionist that I am I had to come back with a fine brush and fix some of the lines. Also, taping it! Agh! A total nightmare on one side, but the other side went smoothly once I had the hang of the cheveron pattern.

You can use Latex or Acrylic paint. Also,use a roller!

I like it. I do need to touch up the front a little still.
The next Medium I used is Paper and Mod Podge. This rusty suitcase has hard smooth surface so I knew that paper would work great on it!
I found these 12x12 paper doilies at Roberts (or any scrapbook store)
What I loved about this is that it went on easy and because the doilies were 12x12( but the suitcase is bigger )I had to use multiple papers and there were seams; BUT the seams are nearly invisible with the doilie paper.
Turned out soo cute! I love it!

Here is another one I Deco-podged with paper.

So what is my point of doing this? Well I have them stacked in the living room. One holds toys, one holds quilts, and one holds magazines. You can use them hold anything!
I'm loving it so far! I should also mention that the yellow one was once an ugly thing but I paint it with yellow acrylic paint. I just need to finish the black one and maybe add some tags with labels that tells what is in each one.... and maybe one more blue one.....



  1. Hey Stacey...these are turning out great...i love the doily one the most...good work,
    hard work ! xo

  2. These are cute and each so unique. Love these.

  3. i like the one with the doilies!

  4. you do the cutest stuff! The doilies are my favorite!

  5. These turned out cute, can't wait to see them in person... a few weeks..:)

  6. Beautiful!! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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