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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrifty, DIY Lighting

I'm kind of to the point with this post that I'm going to shot the computer since I wrote it up and then it got deleted so here it is in a very condensed version. I wanted to replace this "pretty" light with ever a more pretty one.

I found this beauty for $4 at D.I. Buying lights at thrift stores is a risk, but for $4 I figured even if it didn't work the money would go to a good cause.

So I spray painted it white. So much better. ...except I'm thinking I want to paint it yellow now.
Here is where I pulled out the big guns and I, yes I, did all the electrical work myself. It seemed scary at the time but now I know that it's easy and anyone can do it! First thing though, make sure you turn off the power to the lights! Next, when taking down the old light, try to remember where each wire goes. There's usually 2 wires to the light and then one for hanging up the light.

The chain needed some help so I decided to make a "slip cover" for it.

This is me up on the ladder, hooking up the wires! Whoa, carefull now.
So how did it turn out.....


Later that week, I was at DI again and they had these chandelier shades for only .75 cents and they were in great condition.

Ta-Da!....but don't you think that it should be yellow and maybe I should take the fabric off the shades?

And this beauty became mine after I saved if from the side of the road. The cute old man throwing out said it belonged with me and had been there waiting for me.

Oh, and this thrifty light is also from an older post. check it out HERE.

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