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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everything is Better in Chartreuse

This is only zero dollars because I mixed a bunch of left over paint I had to get these colors.
It all started with this wall being SNNNOOOZZ! Boring! So when I was home alone for the weekend and bored (when the cat is away the mice with play!) my mind stated turning and this slowly developed.
The walls are a nice warm grey, but I kept feeling like it was little drab, and I love greens especially lime and chartreuse, so this really brought a nice life to the room!
I painted the lime green one night, then I still felt like it needed something so the next night I free handed the frame and then painted it a darker shade.

It's such a happy green! I also feel like it kind of defines this t.v. area, since it's just one big Great Room.
p.s. out of all the colors this wall appears to be on this post, this bottom one is the most accurate! :)


  1. Love it! And what a perfect color! I'm a huge fan too of these greens:) I've painted my sewing room, foyer bath and laundry room in similar colors ~ happy colors!


  2. I so agree...looks outstanding!!!


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