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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Topography Sign

So here's the deal with this post. I started doing this project last week, only it had a word on it, not the Roman Numerals you see here. I was in the middle when my husband came in and was like "what are you doing? ....That is just...odd." ODD? Thanks for telling me, since in our old house I had this exact word on a board like this (that was ruined in our move) and he never said anything then! (insert emoticon of me sticking my tongue out)
Well, the wind went out of my sails. So I took a few days to dwell on it and maybe try again. And I did. And FORGOT TO TAKE PICS! DUMB! So here is kind of HALF A PROJECT. Sorry!
(but the ending of the saga is the best....)

To start: I had this piece of reclaimed wood from an old, old house that use to sit on my Grandpa's farm. I did a project HERE that came from that old home. They just tore it down and it was the first house built in the town of Enoch! Somewhere there is a Historical Society crying.

I took it home and sanded it and spray painted it this Blue Slate color (above) from Rust-o-lean. I'm in love with color so prepared to see more of it! Then a Walnut from Rust-o-lean (not pictured). The wood is untreated, so the paint just soaks right in and gives it a nice worn look.


After the dark colors were on, I took a page out of this blog HERE and used vinyl Roman Numerals and then sprayed over them with white spray paint. Which again, soaked into the wood and had a nice patine look.
This pic above is after I peeled off the vinyl. I love this look of the wood grain showing and not being vinyl.

So how did this go over with the husband? Well these Roman Numerals are the year we got married, 2002, SOOOOO..he hasn't said anything bad about this SIGN and I don't think he will! Looks like I got the last laugh!
ps. he actually likes it.


  1. I love the sign next to your lovely suitcases. My husband gives me his opinion too on my projects. He's always brutally honest, I think it's the New Yorker in him? How wonderful to have a piece of your family history tied into your new family memories. I love that.

  2. Hi there! Now a follower, from the blackboard paint/greek columns link I found elsewhere. You have a lovely blog :)


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