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Monday, August 1, 2011

Styling a Book Shelf

Nothing like having house guests to make you look at your house closer and get it together!
Here is the bookshelf in my master Bedroom, kind of a catch all for keeping things off the floor.

Before: ...Embarrassing!
(nice to see Nephi keeping a watch on things:-)

 After: Orderly
(a little blurry, it's in a dark corner and hard to get a pic)

I sorted all the books by color, then  searched the house for accessories I already had (some in my garage sale box--glad I didn't have a garage sale yet!)  and I'm really liking the results.
This didn't take long at all, and the kids even liked sorting the colors with me.  It's a great quick and easy project, so... go tackle that shelf!


  1. Nice! Nephi is pleased. Hey I sent a link to your fabulous makeover of the vintage suitcases to Vicky at Decor & Harmony@4290. She needed some ideas on how to redo a trunk and I love how you made the suitcases look so cool. I think your technique would be perfect on her trunk. Have a great day!

  2. love the idea of organizing books by color!!!


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