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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Curtains from "scratch" this time!

I totally forgot to post this on Monday! I got so busy cleaning up my Halloween and then got the urge to rearrange and redesign. So the next thing I know my house is littered with projects.

It's another curtain tutorial, I know.  But this time I actually made them by scratch and didn't alter! Can you believe it? Call the presses!

Um, yeah.  I know I need a new camera. My pictures just don't do things justice.


These curtains by Simply Shabby Chic, were kind of my inspiration

I bought this cute white eyelet fabric. I love it because it already had a finished embroidered scalloped edge. That edge adds a pretty detail and makes it a little bit easier!

It was very sheer, more sheer then I wanted. So I lined it with white fabric.

 I did it in three pieces for the "roman shade" look.

Here is another close up of the already finished bottom. Sew pretty (he he!) I didn't line this because I wanted it to be more sheer.

To me, the worse part of making your own roman shades, or basically any curtain from "scratch" is making sure it's perfectly square and fits into the window. When you alter curtains you don't have to really worry about that because the manufacturer already has! So I used a T-square and meter stick.

I made a rod pocket.

I gathered it about 12" up from the bottom to expose the already scalloped edge that I love and stitched it to create the balloon shade look.

I added ribbon for some detail just because I love ribbon!
It's just kind of a raw shabby look!


  1. Do you want to make some for my windows? I have to take down all my blinds and they're not going to fit when I get my new windows and casings.

  2. cool, I need curtains in my office. I also need my sister to enjoy my http://righteousbandz.com . Where's the love?


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