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Friday, November 26, 2010

Have Yourself A... Merry Little Christmas

I've been away from posting since the weather last week was an amazing 65 degrees!! I've been busy trying to put together a puzzle of these outside.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like your house all lit up at night. This will be our 2nd year with Christmas lights and I'm trying to add a little bit each year.  How is your holiday decorating going? Lights or no lights?


  1. No lights...yet! It's going to be a life long battle with my husband because he hates them. BUT our son loves them and if they're is anyone in the world who get my husband to do something it's his 3 year old son!

  2. Hubby put special plug ins all around the house when we built, just for Christmas lights. So yes, lights and lots of em!

  3. Well, since I live with "Scrooge" over here, I also have no lights. But your lights turned out great!


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