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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh,Christmas tree?

Hi there! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was delicious and I still feel full (and yet that hasn't stopped me from eating!)
So I've been so busy cleaning up Thanksgiving and getting out Christmas that I totally forgot to post yesterday. I remembered at about 11 pm when I was climbing into bed and there was no way I was going to climb back out!
I haven't really been in the Christmas creative mood,(GASP!) I had no idea what or how I was going to decorate. I pulled out my stuff and just started going.....

Somehow I ended up with a polka dot/bird theme on my tree(s), I don't know quite yet what to make of it.

I had some "blank" ornaments so I added my own polkdots by using craft acrylic paint in white....

And using the round end of one of those pointy dowels that come in batting. You could use anything round.

HAhaha! Well there you go, so random!

It's a stand of 3 Alpine trees. This is one side.

This is the other.

Here's a fun sign I hang on one of the trunks.

Here it is completed( don't you love the cord, I have tucked it behind the trunk now so you can't see it)
Don't be surprised if this is all you see of Christmas from me.....well I do still have the mantel above my fireplace but we all know how much I love doing those!
Bye for now!

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  1. You have motivated me to get out the tree and redo it..... glad you are into the christmas spirit....

  2. Beautitul! andI love the white tree, I want to get one when they go on clearance for my entryway...

  3. I love the polka dot ornaments!


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