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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mad Hatter 'Tea Time' Finale!

Hello there! Like promised I have completed my Mad Hatter 'Tea Time' and I'm ready to share with you!

Some of my inspirations!

Anthropologie Tea Kettle lights. LOVE!!


I had a big clock on the wall, and small buffet underneath. I wanted to make the buffet longer, so I took this door I found at IKEA in their AS-Is section and put it on top.

Next, I had these wood scrolls. They're suppose to sit on a dresser and then a mirror would go in the middle creating a vanity. I painted them white and decided to do it on the buffet and replace the mirror with the with the clock.!

This is what I ended with! I like it.

I love torn fabric lately so I put some on the top.

Next I thought outside corners could use something.

So I added some ceramic birds!

I found this super tall apothocary jar at DI for $5, score!

Filled it with Tea Cups.

I had this cute chalk board.

Ok, so this is how I made my towers. I had this bowl and bought this crystal candle holder at D.I. I decided to hot glue everything so they'd stay but I could still reheat and peel apart if I wanted.

Added a plate that I spray painted blue.

Added more stuff until I liked!

Another one. This is crystal my husband brought home from Sweden like 10 years ago and sat in a box. This seems like a better use!

I love this tea pot!


The finishing touch. It needed a pop of yellow because really, what doesn't!
Added some flowers to the pot.

And made this label and wrapped in twine.

took out the shelves and put in the pot.

This is an updated photo of what it looks like now. To see the Chalk Board Wall post go HERE. Tea time anyone?


  1. Love it! What a fun whim-sickle thing to look at :)

  2. So cute! Is it going to be okay when I get my own place that I steal ideas from you? Or you will just have to come up with new ones for me and then we'll be okay. (:

  3. This is so much fun- looking forward to reading more of your blog! Now I think I want to watch Alice in Wonderland...Is it creepy that I still think Johnny Depp is hot even as the mad hatter...maybe...

  4. I know this is late, but I just found your blog and I LOVE how your tea time table turned out ... so so GORGEOUS!!! saving inspirations for a tea time themed party I'm planning to have some day ;)

  5. wow. I'm so jealous! what an amazing talent to have!

  6. i loved it already, but when i saw it in front of the chalkboard wall, well my jaw dropped! it looks utterly amazing there!


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