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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Place Mattes for Pillows?

Hello there, I am still knee deep in projects all over the house. I'm trying to get them done by the end of the week. My 3 year even came into my office and said "look at this house!" Hmmm...I wonder where he's heard that?!
I knew I needed to post so I went through my files of pictures to find something that I hadn't posted yet. I found this!

So I wanted to try to find some pillows that would match the wall paper behind the sofa but I knew that would be time consuming! As much as I love a could decor hunt I decided to look around my house and see what I alread had!

(these pics were taken at night so the color is a little off.

I found these blue table place mattes that I had bought on clearance a couple years ago with the plan of making them pillows but never did. They matched blue perfect!

Next, I took a stencil and a fabric pen and painted the design on the place matter. It was so perfect that it matches the same pattern on the wall paper perfectly too!

For the back of the pillow I wanted a color that matched the walls of the office. I had this mis-match curtain panel I bought at Target on clearance for $4, sitting in my pile of fabric waiting to be used and it worked out great!

There you go, my love of symmetry on display!


  1. When Lincoln said, "Look at this house.", I'm sure he meant, look at how gorgeouse this house is.


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