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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thrift Store Glam

Recently I've heard this phrase "thrift store glam" being thrown around and I think I like it! This would have to be one those projects!

I saw something like this at a consignment store and it's so easy to do!
I gathered a bunch of frames from the thrift store and rummaged around the bins of utensils and found some fun and interesting pieces. You could also use that family silverware that's just sitting in the china hutch drawer!

I decided to do monochromatic greens, so I painted the frames different shades of green.

I also used different shades of green paper and glued the utensils on using dabs of hot glue.

See how sad this wall is above my windows in the kitchen?!

Ahh, much better!

This would also be fun for Thanksgiving center pieces, especially if you use old family utensils, a great conversation starter!


  1. Great way to fill a space! Very cute!

  2. What a good idea - just a splash of color!

  3. I should have known you would have the perfect idea of what to do with Mom's old silverware that we each got some of. There wasn't nearly enough to keep it all together but some nice things anyway. It's all silver so that might be harder since it tarnishes so easily.


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